We are committed to serving our community, congregation, and world. Since our founding in 1789 we have sought to live out our calling:  Centered in Christ, Rooted in History, Compassion for All.  These are not idle words for this congregation. We live these words out in our worship and community service. Please consider getting involved in one of the may opportunities to serve. All are welcome and no effort is too small.

St Johns Cupboard

St. John’s Cupboard is in the fifth year of operation providing meals and groceries every Friday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. We are an approved and certified Food Pantry. Food is provided by grants from Federal and State government, the Maryland Food Bank, and local community donations.

If you would like your business to be a sponsor or volunteer on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis, please contact Sheila McCutcheon at the church office: 410-939-2107 or

Thank you to all of the volunteers that help make St. John’s Cupboard a success.

Episcopal Church Workers (ECW)

The ECW organizes the fundraising and social events at the church. They meet every second Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Come to one or come to all meetings or sign up to help at events even if you can’t come to meetings!

Grace Place

Grace Place is a feeding program that has been serving the community for 30 years; sponsored by the Susquehanna Ministerium and managed by its Board of Directors.

While they use St. John’s facilities, the volunteers are made up of teams from various local churches who run the program on Tuesday mornings. A meal is served (currently due to Covid, the meal is a carryout bag lunch) and groceries are available for pick up.

St. John’s team serves on the third Tuesday of each month, with Lee Parsons as the liaison. Our team works with a team from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Louise Silsby is the site coordinator.

Music Ministry

The St. John’s musical ministry includes our church choir who stirs the spirit nurtures our soul, and extends ways to build an intimate connection with God. Our local musicians bring together the traditions of Anglican choral music and modern musical innovation.

St. John’s historical grand pipe organ has been used for centuries to preach the beauty of the Gospel and all its splendor. Our organ has been fully restored and this magnificent instrument is one of a kind. The grand pipe organ’s spiritual power speaks to your soul and through its splendor kindles the Holy Spirit within you. Come join us to hear our grand pipe organ proclaim the Gospel and feel the vibrations within your soul.

Black History Month Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and inclusion everyday at St. John’s and our annual Black History Celebrations are part of Black History Month. We take pride in black culture, black people, and black history. Recognizing the sacrifices of many who strive for equality. We are committed to being an outward reaching House of prayer for all people.



Fellowship Coffee Hour

LGBTQIA+ Alliance Family Pride

Love is love. Love is from God. And if something is not rooted in LOVE, it is not from God. LOVE IS LOVE!

St. John’s does more than just accept God’s LGBTQIA+ children – we celebrate them with love and acceptance by honoring their relationships and God given gifts. For the last two years St. John’s LGBTQIA+ Alliance has sponsored our local LGBTQIA+ Family Pride event in Havre de Grace.