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St. John’s Episcopal Church is an active and historic community church. We openly welcome ALL who walk through our doors as individuals sent by God who will enrich our lives. On Sundays, we come together as the people of God to celebrate the life and message of Christ. We hope you will honor us with a visit and we look forward to sharing God’s love with you.



To draw families, single parents, couples, and individuals from all walks of life, age, background, race, or gender into a family of love and acceptance, where the teachings of Jesus are tangible and where everyone can make mistakes, and learn how to grow into an authentic community. 


St. John's, as a church, has stood on the corner of Union & Congress since 1809. In that time, this parish has seen all manner of social and economic trials and tribulations in our culture and in our city. But we have endured. Out of that endurance, has come a resolve to be a better place where people can live together, love one another, and help each other in times of need. 


We are a small, but dedicated, community of believers who are crossing barriers that have been created historically by ageism, prejudice, class, and sexual orientation. We bring "welcome" to our dialogue, faith to our service and compassion to our points of view. We understand that life in community is not easy. But we are willing to take the risk. 


Click on each member's photo to learn more in their bio.

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