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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you are new to the Episcopal Church or just have questions about St. John's. This is a good place to start.

What Are Your Services Like?

We have one service which starts at 9:30am and it is a traditional service with music. Each service will start with our opening prayers followed by the lessons from the Bible, a sermon, passing of the peace (greeting one another), announcements, and then our celebration of Holy Communion.


You will be greeted at the door by our ushers and given a bulletin which outlines the service along with page numbers from the Book of Common Prayer, Hymns, and scriptures. Please make yourself comfortable and sit anywhere you wish. If you have any questions or get lost in the order the service, feel free to ask for help.

Following the service everyone is welcome for coffee hour in the parish hall. 

What do Episcopalians Believe?

Episcopalians, also known as members of the Episcopal Church, are part of the Anglican tradition. We believe in the wisdom and teachings of the Bible, the importance of tradition, and the use of reason and spiritual enlightenment in interpreting Scripture. Central to our faith is the sacraments, particularly Baptism and Holy Communion. We affirm the Nicene Creed and uphold the apostolic succession, maintaining a hierarchical structure with bishops as spiritual leaders.

Episcopalians prioritize inclusivity, social justice, and community engagement, often embracing diversity of thought and welcoming individuals of various backgrounds and beliefs.

How Can I Be Baptized?

Holy Baptism is a sacrament by which we are made part of Christ’s Body, the Christian Church. We delight in welcoming the newly baptized into our family as partners in Christ’s life and ministry. We promise to do all in our power not only to make your baptism a joyous event, but also make sure you are supported in your life in Christ. Please say something to our priest after the service or contact the church office if you are interested in pursuing baptism.

However, there is no requirement to seek baptism in order to attend and enjoy fellowship at St. John's. 

Am I Welcome at Communion?

All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to take Communion in the Episcopal Church, as stated by the Diocese. If for any reason, you don't want to receive Communion, you are still invited to come forward, kneel, and cross your arms over your chest. The priest will say a prayer of blessing for you.

However, if you do not know if you have been baptized but feel in your heart that you desire to participate in this important ritual and commune with Christ, you will not be denied access. 

Where Do I Park?

Street parking is available along Union, Congress, and Pennington Avenue. The library parking lot is also available on Sundays for parking. 

What Do I Wear?

Come as you are and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Some members get more dressed up, some less.

What About My Kids?

Children are always welcome at all of our services.

We also offer child care during Sunday service.

An infant changing table is available in the Parish Hall ladies room.

Can I Join The Church?

We would love to have you join our church family. It is not complicated, it starts by letting us know.

Please say something to our priest after the service or contact the church office.

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