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Giving is not just about financial support, although that is needed, but it is opening oneself to the needs of others and offering what we can give to help. We are a volunteer organization and grateful for the time you can give . On the other hand, your donations are also appreciated and we provide a variety of ways to give.


For online giving, we use Paypal. You can also send automatic checks through your bank directly to St. John's.


And of course, you can drop your offering into the plate on Sunday mornings. 

We are also developing a Legacy Gift plan. 


Several teams and committees are always looking for volunteers:


Altar Guild, Worship Committee, Choir and Music Team, Fundraising Committee, Vestry, Garden Committee, Mosaic Center, St. John's Cupboard, and Grace Place


We invite everyone to participate in our many events. Please check the calendar and then send the office an email with your interests. 

We welcome new ideas and initiatives as well. 

Air Conditioning Fundraiser
"Help Us Keep Our Cool"

Link to our GoFundMe campaign:


Our Story:  

A Community Helper Seeks Help From the Community

We need your help to keep our historic building a jewel in downtown Havre de Grace. 

Built in 1809, St. John’s Episcopal Church (the oldest church in town) has experienced great highs and lows. Not long after it was first built, the church was destroyed by the British (leaving nothing but the brick walls) during their attack on the town in 1813. After many trials, the parishioners rebuilt the church again in 1831. One year later, lightning struck, and the subsequent fire destroyed the interior. And yet, by 1833, the small but enthusiastic congregation rebuilt again.  

St. John’s Church is a testimony to the tenacity of its members and continues to this day. 

As good stewards of a historic building, ongoing and consistent care are necessary.

Five years ago, the sanctuary was remodeled, but this time, with an eye to recovering the church’s beauty with repaired walls and lush colors, more spacious arrangement of pews and furniture, the addition of a small open chapel at the back of the sanctuary, and flattering lighting. At the same time, through generous donations, the church acquired a beautiful pipe organ.  Through grant funding, we were able to build a bigger and better kitchen in order to serve more in the community through the food pantry ministries of  St. John's Cupboard and Grace Place.

Now, in 2024, this 215 year old building continues to bring unique challenges and joys.

Last fall, our thirty-year old air conditioning failed. At first, we thought we could merely open the windows and get out those southern-style fans. But the reality is that the organ requires a stable temperature year round and any dampness in the building becomes a breeding ground for mold in the twelve-inch plaster walls.

Keeping the sanctuary cool is not a luxury but a necessity.

Our current fundraising drive is for $18,000 to replace the air conditioning for the long-term benefit of protecting the organ and maintaining a healthy environment for our parishioners and visitors.  Through some previous bake sales and generous donations, we have already raised $7,000 towards the $25K total cost of replacing the system.

Thank you for your donations towards the care of this historic Havre de Grace property. We appreciate you!

Historical Building Stewardship

A normal part of being a good steward of a historic building is continuous care and upkeep, which requires fundraising. An incredible effort to rehab the bell tower, the sanctuary interior, and to add a new kitchen was successfully completed pre-pandemic. In 2024-25, we are focusing on exterior building repairs. 

Volunteer & Fundraising Opportunities Throughout the Year: 
St. John's Food Cupboard, Mosaic Dinners/Book Club/Pride Festival/Mosaic HarCo Sports, Garden Club, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Black History Month Event, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Women's History Month Event, Senior's Tea, Spring Yard Sale, Easter Egg Roll, First Fridays, July 4th Parade Hot Dog Sale, Trunk or Treat, Christmas Bazaar, Bingo Fundraiser....and building repair fundraisers!

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