Clergy & Staff


father jamesPriest-In-Charge, Rev. T. James Snodgrass. Father James is in the pulpit on Sundays, also, he is in the office on Wednesdays and third Tuesdays. He is here to move us forward and help us to grow.









Sheila McCutcheon is the  Parish Administrator and Registrar of the Vestry.  If you have any questions, please contact her Monday through Friday from 9am till 1pm in the office at (410)939-4605.  She will be happy to help you in any way she can.





ElaineEleanor Kingsley is the custodian, cleaning, straightening, and tidying in all three buildings. Eleanor has shown herself eager to please and most pleasant to work with.





Anne Shinn is our treasurer. Anne is responsible for keeping books, paying bills and salaries, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Anne is highly conscientious, a faithful keeper of confidences, and most devoted.





Pat Hopkins is the Junior Warden. She is doing a wonderful job of beautifying the grounds!  If you can help her, please call the office. A Junior Warden is also known as “The Property Warden”.





At this time we have a temporary  organist/choir director. The choir gladly welcomes newcomers!!!





All-in-all, for a small parish like St. John’s, we are blessed with capable people who love to serve God through this little outpost of the Kingdom of God.