We are an active and historic community church, openly welcoming all who walk through our doors. We recognize each person as an individual sent by God who will enrich our lives. On Sundays, we come together as the people of God to celebrate the life and message of Christ. Our service is founded in the Anglican tradition and embraces the modern world. We hope you will honor us with a visit and we look forward to sharing God’s love with you.

    Rev. James Snodgrass, Priest-in-Charge
    Rt. Rev. Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Maryland
    Regular Sunday Services:
    Holy Eucharist 8am
    Holy Eucharist with music 10:30
    When a month has a 5th Sunday we have a one service at 10:30
    Wednesday Weekly Worship:
    Evening Prayer 5:15pm
    Father James office hours are Wednesday 11:30am-5pm
    Office Phone Hours: Closed - Tuesday
    9am - 1pm Monday
    9am - 4pm Wednesday
    9am - 1pm Thursday & Friday